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Sep 28, 2010

Great Fishing in Rum Cay

The tiny Island of Rum Cay in the remote southern Bahamas offers some of the best big game fishing in the world.  From world class wahoo, to Blue Marlin, Rum Cay has it all.
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Posted by: sumnerpointmarina

On the remote Island of Rum Cay, Over Under operates Bahamas fishing charters out of Sumner Point Marina nestled into the South East corner of this tiny island. Sumner Point Marina provides comfortable dockage for 20 vessels, colorful beach cottages and restaurant.

The South East and North East points at Rum Cay are two of the best producing fishing areas in the Bahamas. From the marina, you may as well drop the lines when you clear the outer reef. The South-East Point is only a couple miles away and has quietly become one of the best producing Blue Marlin areas in the entire Caribbean. Inshore the free diving and bottom fishing is equally excellent. One of the best features of Rum Cay is its small size, allowing us to fish the leeward side of the island on those otherwise unfishable days

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