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Bahamas Spearfishing

Spearfishing at Rum Cay is about as good as it gets.  Giant Lobsters, Grouper, Mutton Snapper!  Rum Cay offers the Bahamas Spearfisherman the opportunity to dive the entire Island.  No matter which way the wind happens to be blowing, there is a leeward side to Dive in this Bahamas Paradise.  Reef is EVERYWHERE.  Rum Cay is arguably one of the best Spearfishing Destinations in the World.


With  a ton  of reefs surrounding Rum Cay there are a lot of spearfishing opportunities.  And Rum Cay has a few guys who have been doing it all their lives.  Billy Gaitor and Dee Dee know all the great spots to find lobster, conch, grouper and snappers.  Dee Dee will gladly take your catch and turn it into a conch/lobster salad and his mom makes awesome island pizza with lobster & conch. 

  Bahamas Freediving

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