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Rum Cay Fishing

Rum Cay  Fishing - Bahamas Fishing Paradise!

Rum Cay Map

Rum Cay is surrounded by some of the most productive fishing grounds in the entire Bahamas.   Due to its small size, the Island is easily circumnavigable, offering  unspoiled fishing grounds with very little boat traffic. Anglers & boat owners alike have travelled great distances just to fish these pristine waters.  Come find out why!

The Fishing Grounds: Northeast & Southeast Points

Two prominent 'points' stick out off of the south-east and north-east ends of Rum Cay. These points provide structure which holds  Pelagic  Fish year round. As the currents sweep up from the South hitting these points, upwelling occurs, thus creating the perfect conditions for species such as yellow fin tuna, wahoo, dorado and marlin. To  fish the South-East Point, lines can be dropped into the water as soon as you clear the outer reef. The North-East point  lies  8 miles to the north and, often times, trolling between the points along the 'edge' will produce excellent results, especially during Winter Wahoo months and Summer Blue Marlin Season.

Wahoo - February to April Best Bet

Rum Cay has become famous for the huge wahoo that live here in the fall & winter months between November & March.  However, there have been some montrous hoo's caught as late as June & July.  San Salvador is only a hop skip and a jump away and also offers some of the best Wahoo Fishing in the world.

YellowFin Tuna - March to May Best Bet

Yellowfin Tuna typically begin biting well  into March and carry on into the Summer.  Like wahoo, however,  tuna are caught in Rum year round.  Normal size for Bahamas Yellowfin Tuna ranges from 20-80 lbs with the majority of fish weighing 35-55 lbs.    100 pounders are caught every year though!

Marlin - May to August Best Bet

The marlin normally moves in with the first new moon in May, with the Bite continuing right through the Fall.  June is one of the best times of the year to target  Blue  Marlin,  where a typical day brings 3-5 shots a day.  Average weight is 200-350 lbs with larger fish being caught frequently.    Recently OVER UNDER ADVENTURES caught a fish estimated at 700 pounds!

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